i'm a poet and i didn't even no it

Here there be

four or three


-sof art by me.


His first name's John
His second is Kerry
This drawing of him
Ended up looking scary

Cedar is big.
Cedar is tall.
If everyone knew him,
He'd be loved by all.

Angels bring messages,
That's what they do.
Since they're sent by the Father,
Their message is True.

This monkey's a Howler
and stuck behind bars.
Would you not howl too
if stuck behind bars?


Blogger Gwen said...

oh my freaking goodness! i need to buy a print of cedar! that's awesome!

4:57 PM  
Blogger Jared Chapman said...

Yet ANOTHER great post, my man.
I especially like the John Kerry illustration... it reminds me that I one in my sketchbook a while back... though my version came out much more "ogre-ish"...

Beautiful work!

11:40 PM  
Anonymous Marco said...

Same word rhyme alert!


1:05 PM  
Anonymous ckoelle said...

actually, same two words rhyme alert!

1:09 PM  
Anonymous Robin said...

I love it. It shows alot of personality.

2:13 PM  
Blogger Oliver. said...

Your work is brilliant!
Love all the textures and color hues that you use.

9:42 AM  

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