Design By Humans 10K Contest: Help us win $10,000!!!

Where would we be without t-shirts?!

Just look at all the wonderful things you can do in a tee!! Play sports, listen to music, make music, make art, pounce like a cat, accidentally kick someone with cleats on, intentionally yell at someone on your cell phone, levitate in a void... the list goes on! This design is a celebration of the T-shirt, incorporating full-size all-over front and back printing. Color variations are endless—the blue-ish coloring here is just one possibility.

Annie and I (mostly I) worked on this double/front+back t-shirt design over the past week or so (whew!) and it's now up for voting at Design By Humans for the DBH 10K contest. It's a winner-take-all contest (as in, winner takes $10K), and we'd sorta kinda like your votes. Three rounds of your votes, to be exact.

Here are the details:

Contest Selection Process:

The DBH staff will announce the top 10 semifinalists on September 8, 2008 at DesignByHumans.com. Semifinalists will be chosen based on a variety of factors including originality, creativity, ingenuity, votes, and the artist's efforts to promote their design.

Top 10 Semifinalists - Sept 8th - Sept 14th (Midnight, PDT)
Once the top 10 semifinalists have been announced on September 8th, all of the votes received by these 10 designs up to that point will be reset to zero. The 10 semifinalists will then compete against one another for an additional week to see which 5 designs will continue on to the final week of voting. The 5 finalists will be chosen solely on vote count.

Top 5 Finalists - Sept 15th - Sept 21st (Midnight, PDT)
The top 5 finalists will again have all of their votes reset to zero and will then go head-to-head for one final week of voting.

Winner Announced - Sept 22nd
The design with the most votes at the end of the Top 5 Finals week will be declared the winner and will be awarded $10,000 cash! The winning design will be produced in 3 color options (on 3 different shirt colors) and sold in the DBH store the following week.


Show the Koelles some love! Please:


- POST on your blog / Facebook / wherever about our t-shirt design up for voting and include a link to the voting page

- EMAIL US with the link to your post

- Each and every blogger who emails us the link to their Koelle-post will be entered in a drawing to be one of 50 (yeah, fifty) randomly chosen to win FREE signed + numbered art prints of the design (both front + back artwork)!

- If our shirt wins the grand $10K prize, we'll also randomly pick another 25 (uh- huh, twenty-five) bloggers to receive winning shirt FREE!

-We will notify all winning bloggers by email.

So, please vote and spread the word, and you just may end up with some free and fancy Koelle artwork and some uber-cool expensive t-shirts! And a really big thank you from us...

Love, Chris + Annie (+ Marshall)

P.S. If our shirt wins, note that it will be printed in 3 different color versions (3 different color tees, different color inks). I'll post a few more color variations here, so if you really dig one or the other, shoot us an email and let us know.

I'll be posting time-lapse video captures of the final drawing process from start to finish very soon!

In the meantime, here are a few more images of the my initial/in progress sketches, and some pics showing size, placement and details:


Anonymous Marc Goodin said...

Wow Great shirt. Hope you win. While your shirt is entered on a competitor to the site we just launched last week - I'll go vote for you.


8:02 PM  
Anonymous Rizzo said...

Your illustration is really incredible.

2:31 PM  
Blogger zeitner said...


Im zeej Juachon from philippines.

i just wanna as if i can have the copy right for this?

im starting up a business for clothes. and i really would like to use your design.

hope to hear from you.



2:15 AM  

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