Life. Family. Work. Art. Future.

Yeah, those are big words, big things. And they've all been feeling very real at this point in my life. As of a month ago, I have officially left my full-time position at Portland Studios. It goes without saying that I'm missing seeing and working next to such great friends daily, but it is such an exciting time for myself, for Annie, for us as a family.

I'm pursuing my personal artwork more fully, and of course, so is Annie. I'm doing freelance illustration and design work, as well as working part-time with Greene Photographs, doing photo retouching, post-production, and design work. I feel busier than I've ever been, and I know Annie feels the same, especially with us both having to keep Marshall from destroying the house and himself. But really, it feels great, knowing that doing our art, doing our work is truly a team effort now. We've both got quite a few upcoming art shows in the works, over the next few months, and even more exciting personal projects brewing. And we'll be starting a new blog very soon—one that we will actually update regularly—to keep our friends, family, and fans in touch with the daily life and work of the Koelle family.

If you feel so inclined, go ahead and bookmark our sites, and if you want some Koelle art to hang on your wall or the wall of someone you love, shoot us an email.

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Much love,
Chris + Annie + Marshall


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