Thanks to emusic, I recently came upon an album called Floating World, by a band called Anathallo (it's Greek, meaning "to renew or refresh").

Please go to their website anathallo.com and buy Floating World. You will NOT regret it. You could just get it off of iTunes or some other mp3 site, BUT you would be missing out on the entirety and true greatness of the album (lyrics, story, and amazing cover design). In other words, buy the actual CD. Quick. You'll thank God for letting a band like Anathallo do what they do.


Anonymous micah said...

thank you for the quick definition of Anathallo, I thought for sure that from the picture it had something to do with the Gr. word "gnathal": of or relating to the jaw.

I'll check out the music.

11:53 PM  

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