Job Passes the Test

This piece is one of a few that will contribute towards a small art book about Bible stories. Hm. That was an interesting sentence... anyways, this is for the Biblical story of Job. Some of the old symbols carry meanings such as "birth of a child," and "death of a child."


diddly-doo sketches

Here are some recent sketches: some for fun, some for real live clients.

started with the idea of the parable of the prodigal son... but it turned out looking like a Kaethe Kollwitz mom instead of a dad... oops.

Jacob wrestling the angel...

"Annoying, aren't I?"

don't you wish you were floating above a trampoline right now? come on, be honest.

and an unfinished sketch of Abraham preparing to sacrifice his son Isaac. yeah, Isaac is the unfinished part. as you can see.

Justin gets mad

...and then gets blown up. This is the version where his computer backfires and Justin feels the wrath. sort of. I'll be posting the for-real version sometime, probably within the next couple o' days.



i made a booboo and posted about million images of that aforementioned "justin goes postal" piece. SO i just got rid of all of them. don't worry. he'll be back..

Unnecessary Update: for all you out there who care (a.k.a. Gwen), I'm still working on it: I realized that instead of looking like the Great Destroyer, Justin was looking more like the death-blown victim of his monitor's overheating-techno-rage.

Good things come to those who wait. (yeah Gwen)



I'm enjoying the more "designy" aspect of composing. In other words, I'm turning to the Dark Side of Graphic Design. Except not really. Soon I'll be posting a piece of Justin Gerard going postal on his computer because his Photoshop crashed after having worked a good long while without saving. Yeah. He was mad.

Welcome, All Ye Who Found This Thing

Here's my blog. Or so I'm told. Soon we'll be posting some things, and some other things, as well as some pictures of things. Welcome.