Shannon Stephens

Where the heck did this come from? Why hasn't anyone told me about this angel called Shannon Stephens?

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coming soon

National Botanical Garden

D.C. a few years ago. Kids. I think I remember them being not American.

makin musak

So yeah, like, we've been getting together and making noise. Some of it sounds pretty neat. Check out our low-fi jam session recordings at our myspace page with a temporary band name because we're really picky and haven't decided on a for real one yet. (click on post title above)

I just recorded some stuff tonight by myself at home, and I'm excited about actually making music, once again.



Been a while.

We moved. Most of the hard stuff is over now, and Annie and I are definitely tired. The house has its pros and cons, but boy does it feel good to have space to live in. Hung a ton of artwork yesterday; still more laying around. I might post some pics of the place in all of its well-decorated glory. We plan on taking alot of our own work to a gallery in town--we already have our foot in the door there, so hopefully we'll start selling some more through the gallery.

The recent PBS project is *mostly* done on my end. There might be a few stragglers and/or revisions with the illustrations. But overall, I'm excited to know that I did good work and I don't have to stress about it now. We overnighted a DVD full of all the art to the client last night, and they should have it by now. Three cheers for FedEx.

I've been listening to lots of different music, most notably Steve Reich, Scott Tuma, Sufjan Stevens (hey, all s's so far), Sun Kil Moon (whoah), Great Lake SwimmerS, and So on.

I've been reading the book of Hosea, and Perelandra.

Billy the kitty wakes us up every single morning (very early) by scratching and whining at the bedroom door. I can't take it any longer. I'm almost passing out my desk.

If any of you have a working refrigerator you're trying to get rid of, we need one. Let me know. Thanks.