Illustration Friday: Visitors

When I hear the word "visitors," I kind of think of visitors from outer space, or any other mysterious and numinous persons who might enter our world and, by their mere existence, shake humanity with a sense of awe and wonder and even dread.

You know, people like Steven Delopoulos!


Woo hoo!

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Now vote for Aaron Greene!

Aaron Greene, fellow friend and coworker, has posted a sweet photograph of his on JPG Magazine. To show your support for his monochromatic Moscow sweetness, take a moment to sign up and vote for his photo!


Speaking of t-shirts...

My loverly wife has submitted a simply gorgeous t-shirt design to Design By Humans. If you want it made, you'll have to vote for it!

Portland Studios: Site and Store

The Portland Studios store is now up and running.

Check it out, and check back often, because there will be alot of cool stuff going up within the next few weeks.