Merry Christmas Eve

Greetings all yall.

Put up a few new/old/tampered-with pieces in my gallery. Checkit ite, ay?


Wedding Day smoochin'

There's my bride. Annie.

back again

So yeah, I'm kind of back again, er... all right, I admit, I hate doing blog stuff. It's my worst nightmare.

Anyways, I've been working on various and sundry stuff for my art show coming up in January, and working on stuff for Portland Studios, which you don't need to see just yet. In the meantime, check out LasanksyArt for some of the most amazing intaglio prints I've EVER beheld. Yes, amazing. (I must say I like his later U.S. work better than his earlier work he did in his homeland Argentina). Lately, I've been getting quite a bit inspired by Mr. Lasanksy's work, and I'm not going to suppress it. I'm compelled (or whatever) to delve further into the wonderful world of printmaking, and this guy's stuff is doing the compelling.

Take a gander:

Over the period of 6 years, Mr. Lasanksy did 33 drawings expressing his horror at the holocaust. And they're not just little 8x10 sketches. The figures in the drawings are lifesize and larger. Follow the links from his website, and/or see The Nazi Drawings website.


back from the dead

hey look, I'm alive. I'm such a neglectful blogdad, i know.

I've posted a few new links in
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Check out Justin Gerard's delightful new blog, new book cover design company Cover Story, and my newly spawned web art gallery, www.christopherkoelle.com/gallery. (sorry, I can't figure out how to turn that into a link. believe me. i tried. maybe I'm just foolish.)